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As facebook becomes the government, this bearded man speaks old Icelandic, Fallout 4 isn't announced at E3, and an almost completely intact Triceratops is unearthed in Wyoming, the apocalypse is definitely on the tip of many people's tongues.  And, of course, as the summer months roll on in, so do post-apocalyptic-collaborations. 

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Currently, I am working on the score for the exciting new project from Tim and Tom of The Complete Guide to Everything. They have written a truly funny new series dealing with a range of ideas, from the end of the world to hot dogs to game shows to He-Man. 

We're pushing on into the final days of production and recording and things are coming out great. Instead of spring nights filled with the sound of pencil and paper.. and midi instruments, the summer is bringing the sweet timbre of vibraphone, banjo, double-bass and oboe. Look forward to the series premier this summer, but in the meantime check out the hilarious podcasts over at TGGTE.  Seriously, they're better than wikipedia. 

Enjoy and stay cool, 


Julia Chase and Dick's Sporting Goods

Just finished up a real nice short documentary sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods. Our project was part of their current "Run For" documentary series, which profiles a number of inspiring runners and athletes. We told the story of Julia Chase, a truly amazing women and pioneer of so many things.

Check out the whole series over at DSG

The piece begins and ends with some beautiful sounding wind chimes recorded at Julia's home in Connecticut. The score is based around rhodes piano, marimba, piano, upright bass and most importantly, cello played by the talented Isabel Castellvi.  Check out her awesome band The Bell Cycle

We recored over at Ishlab, a great studio with stellar equipment and even better engineers located right in the heart of Dumbo. A great experience. 


and of course a big thanks to 

Greenpoint Pictures 




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